IRCTC Mobile

Background/ Idea

Travel is one of the routine activity in our life, whether it is within a city or one city to another and one state to another. In long distance travels, most preferred mode is Train, however, to book travelling ticket in train is getting a tedious task day by day. Long lines at the ticket window and chocking the online web portal are signaling that we need to have an alternative ways to book our train tickets. As train travel is a mode of transportation for masses, we should have a solution which can cater masses too. Today, we are in a Mobile Phone obsessed world and everybody want have a solution on their fingertips itself, that’s why we need to have a SMS Booking Mobile App.


“IRCTC SMS Booking” Mobile App allows users to book travel ticket for train journey using their mobile phones. It also helps you to check the PNR status and facility to cancel your ticket. “IRCTC SMS App” is an interface between IRCTC and the users/ passengers. It uses the SMS facility provided by IRCTC. Only normal SMS charges apply for booking ticket. No additional charges are applicable using this app. This app is free of any charges.

Pain pointsOur biggest challenge at the time of booking a travel ticket is the lack of options to book tickets. Window booking required lot of time and online options can’t guarantee a confirm ticket.
In today’s time we always seek an option on our mobile as an alternative way to book the travel ticket.Even though most of the people are using smartphones, but due to lack of internet or bad connection on smartphone, couldn’t help you to book the tickets. We need to have a mobile app which can work off-line also.

Monocept developed a robust and user-friendly mobile app across iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms as one-stop solution for the user to book hassle-free travel ticket. The app:
Allows users to book using their mobile phones for their journey.
Provides a PNR Status facility as well as an option to cancel the tickets also.
Note:User should have an IRCTC account with a synchronized mobile number and also an account in MPAY ZipCash for making the payment.



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